domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

'Fallen Angel' by Denilce Luca
One of the Angels though could not keep just watching
And just dry up the Little Girl’s tears…
This Angel was fascinated by the Little Girl…

Now, more than ever this Angel seemed not to have any answer
He had no answer at all for the feelings echoing in his mind
The feelings, he, as an Angel, as a Faithful Guardian,
Could never dare to feel. Ever.

The Angel was feeling something God had imposed to earthlings: Love
The Angel wanted to go down
He wanted to be a Man
To hold the Little Girl very tight in his arms
To kiss the Little Girl’s mouth and body feeling the softness of her skin
To Love her as a Man would

All the moments the Angel had been by the Little Girl’s side
Were moments in which he felt the pain of being stabbed in the heart
He was feeling something God had imposed to earthlings: Pain
For the Little Girl could not see him...
She would never know about the Love he felt for her
The Angel wanted to be seen and loved by her

The Angel went to God and asked Him to go down
God denied.

The Angel then thought that God, Who also fell for the Little Girl’s enchantments
Would listen to her words
Angel whispered in her ears every night and made her pray in her dreams:
“Lil Girl wants Angel…. God please…..bring me my Angel….”
God did not listen to the Little Girl’s prayers

Omniscient God knew her words had been whispered by the Angel
God decided to punish the Angel
“You will go down”
“You will be born”
“You will be a man like any other”
“Not an Angel anymore”
And will be away from the Little Girl
“As you wish you will live on Earth” God said
“But Little Girl has become a Woman” God added
“You cannot be together” God said this and laughed

God broke one of the Angel’s wings to make sure he would not come back to Heaven
And started working to make the Angel be born on Earth

First, as usual, God chose parents
Then, the name…
Asked some Angels around about their opinion
They seemed to have no answer at all….
But these same Angels knew who that Little Boy was
And promised themselves not to leave him alone on Earth

Well, the Little Boy was finally born.

Angels managed to deceive God and changed The Universe Clock
And the Little Boy was born just after six months the Little Girl
Little Boy of course did not remember he once had been an Angel
Did not remember anything about Little Girl as well

They finally met
But it was not in childhood that their eyes met
Neither did their hearts
Angels were worried
“What is going wrong? They are meant to each other…..”
Very confused and upset Angels sat and kept watching
They seemed to have no answer at all
Time passed on Earth


 Little Boy became a Man
Little Girl became a Woman
They were then living separate lives
Angels had lost all their hope
And felt miserable to see all their efforts were in vain

When this story was almost coming to an end
There came a day
When Little Boy and Little Girl met again

Angels were still miserable in Heaven
And started to cry...

The Angels’ tears flooded Earth
It was raining heavily on Earth
Little Boy and Little Girl were together
Angels’ tears continued to fall
And wetted Little Boy and Little Girl’s bodies

Then, Little Boy looked into Little Girl’s eyes
Little Boy immediately recognized the Girl he had loved so much
And whispered very softly in her ears

Little Girl recognized the voice that had whispered so many times in her dreams
Angels’ tears had done something magic
They could reach Little Boy on Earth to remind him of what he was there for
He magically became an Angel again
Angel’s and Little Girl’s eyes finally met
So did their hearts and souls

Angels will certainly change the Universe Clock once again
To give Angel and Little Girl more time to love each other

Angel and Little Girl are finally together
And Angels’ laughter now echo in Heaven…

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